It’s official – I’m finally recording the album!

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My heartfelt thanks to everyone who has been involved with this project, and continues to support the music.

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About the Album: This debut album is a culmination of music and lyrics written and developed since 2008. The music is inspired by Katie’s favorite songwriters such as Joni Mitchell and Leonard Cohen, jazz pianist composer Thelonious Monk, and the piano compositions of Ravel, Stravisky, and Chopin. The purpose of the album is to paint an auditory landscape for the listener to explore emotions they may often abandon in daily life and routine.

About Katie: Katie has been playing piano for 28 years, starting at age eight. Even before exposure to piano, she enjoyed her own form of composing by dictating the sounds she imagined in her head on paper. Her initial inspiration to compose music on piano came from the movie “The Changeling” starring George C. Scott. The film’s supernatural plot, based off of a ghost story that took place in Denver (but was portrayed in Seattle in the film about a composer haunted by tragedy), first drew Katie in to the idea of working to become a pianist composer. It also called upon her belief that music is a way of connecting with otherworldly entities and experiences. She’s been defining and honing her compositional style and skill while paving her creative direction since her conservatory studies. Aside from solo work, Katie also currently contributes to other ongoing musical projects with other artists.

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