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MANIC GLOW: Exploring the experience of mental illness through song

Tenn Street Coffee
4418 Tennyson St, Denver, CO 80212

Several pieces of this performance were written during bouts of depression or mania, but many were written in times of peace. Through this music, I invite you to help me create a safe, open, and healing space for people who have been diagnosed with a mental illness.

Manic Glow (1)

The Vision: To unite and heal community by exploring humanistic themes through soundscapes, storytelling, and poetry.

About the Music: Using stylistic components of classical piano with intense harmonies and chord progressions that take an occasional unexpected turn, Katie’s lyrical piano grooves and dark timbres construct a dreamy, hypnotic landscape, creating a space for the listener to examine and extract their innermost thoughts and emotions. Writer WM Dillon describes her music as “a soul that inhabits the world that sounds, a bit, like a cross between Portishead and June Christy.”

Songs and poetry from the upcoming solo debut album “Bijou” explore themes of loneliness, death, love, stars, alternate dimensions, myths, and oneness.

About Katie Tall: Katie is a composer/songwriter and performer living in Denver, Colorado. Katie is also co-songwriter and performer in the art rock trio Ambiance Evolution.

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