Hunger reigns, inside my den
a dank and desperate cold
outside is a shelter
I cannot go

I can hear the laughter echo
through a water hole
tempted to the surface,
now here I go

clamber on the rocks, I seek
the warmth of distant smoke
hover on horizons where
I should not go

Mother said, “Be weary,” Can I trust
or just let go?
I am Man in different form
but I want love more

Knocking softly as I can,
I startle them from sleep
knocking harder still as my
patience grows weak

“Open up! It’s Grendel!”
I fumble as I speak
As doors begin to fracture
I can hear screams

Muffled in their blankets,
try to calm them with my pleas
drunken fools grab a sword
I drop to my knees

Striking at my stomach,
I jump quickly to my feet
running rampant through the halls
I try and flee

Quickly I start running
toward the empty light of dawn
back into the lonely is where
I must belong

I can feel the sun reflect
its brilliance in a key
through a pinhole in my spine
and up into my teeth

Pain so hot it whispers
in the marrow of my knees
crippled by the brightness
I lay down and bleed.

Copyright 2013

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