Come lie with me,
come lap the sugar from the lion’s skin
Now bleed for me,
drip with your salvation on my chin

Fledgling dark, I won’t bite until starved

Count the days, odd, even
Fickle heart’s a season’s pace

Swoop down and fill your feathers
iridescent colors glow
And now that I’ve got your attention
there is something I forgot to show

Speak my name,
pour your silky musk into my ear
Those tentacles
can reach in places I had thought to fear
Beat fast and hard,
your blood is screaming lush in high despair
Break free the rush,
pin it down a pointed sliver spear

Drop the ink now glistening from my tongue
and scratch your secrets in my skin

And take your arrows from my body
splay the wounds and feed them to the crows
As sun decays our meeting
wake me in the evening’s soul

Purge your heart, burn
You won’t be sorry
Swallow this pearl
Take my whole body

Copyright 2013

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