I like to feel the wind rolling off my hands and feet
in the silence of sun
Windows wide open and your face is covered in fog
from a night of our love

Dancing and cheer
spinning and whirling
we drunk in the splendor of strangers
Kissing my palms
you danced with me, danced with my fingers
wove music through vales

Memories hold close, all your memories which pave your way forward
in presence of fear
Remember the swirl, all the colors, that night when our love
was embracing the world

Stand up to this,
stand up to everything
that pulls you back into your skin
Tall as we are,
we’re stretching our limits
light a fire
we’ll stand up together

Stars will be damned, I won’t waver, just pause – rest my breathing
cool down, wash my hands
Strength has returned, it is burning though, burning through my voice –
whatever remains

Dance with me friend
spin me and whirl me again
’till I know where I am
Feeling the wind
and listening to silence
the sun weaving warmth in my dreams

In my dreams you dance with me…

Copyright 2013